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Ready to drink 2-3 years

2018 Rivans - Half Dry

CHF 20.00

Bottle contains 0.75 l


Far back, behind the mountains of words, far from the countries vowels and consonants, live the blind texts. They live in isolation in Buchhausen on the coast of Semantics, a large linguistic ocean.


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A rhetorical question ran down his cheek wistfully, then it continued on its way. It hit a copy on the way.


Direct from the manufacturer

The copy warned the blind text that where it came from it would have been rewritten umpteen times and that all that was left of its origin was the word "and" and that the blind text should turn around and return to its own, safe country.


Organic certified

But it couldn't convince all of the positive things and it wasn't long before a couple of insidious copywriters ambushed it, got it drunk with lunge and slogan and then dragged it to their agency, where they misused it again and again for their projects.